Frankensynth Jr.

Created by assembling previously built circuits into the case of an old portable tape recorder. This modular synthesizer features a built-in amp w/speaker (+ line output), Dual 555 VCO/LFO Oscillators, Baby 8 Sequencer, and an Q&D VCF. Dual ADSR circuits will be added once they have been put together.

#5432 Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Experimental art exhibit at Maker Faire Detroit 2011 created from salvaged electronics and reclaimed materials. Attendees were able to interact with made lasers devices to control output/modulation of DIY audio/video synthesizers.

Lil’ Spud – Potato Powered Synth

A potato powered transistor oscillator with light dependent resistor, which gets its power from potato battery. Low power circuit is based off Forrest Mims light-dependent oscillator.

Mims (Forrest) Circuit Scrapbook [Fig 1.8 Light-dependent oscillator]:

Maker Faire Detroit

Maker Faire Detroit

TECH|DISOBEY|LAB will be exhibiting at Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford on July 30, 2011.

TECH|DISOBEY|LAB will be installing an interactive audio/video experiment that you will not want to miss. (Exhibitor #5432, inside The Henry Ford Museum.)

Tape end!

Experimental electronic audio/video made using Atari Punk Console; Baby 8 sequencer; Dual 555 VCO/LFO oscillators; Crybaby wah pedal; Boss distortion, bass EQ, and chorus pedals for audio output – video feedback source and 2 composite video cameras fed into Dirty Video Sequencer for video output. Audio/video was recorded on VHS then VCR playback on CRT television was captured with Quicktime via DV camera video source and captured playback audio via line in.

Artomatic 419! (RAW Footage)

Recorded footage of TECH|DISOBEY|LAB performance April 2, 2011 at Artomatic 419!

Video Feedback

VHS recording of video feedback and video output from Commodore SX-64 mixed with Dirty Video Mixer+. This recording was made April 2, 2011 during TECH|DISOBEY|LAB performance at Artomatic 419!.