Artomatic 419! (VHS Mix)

Analog videotape recording of TECH|DISOBEY|LAB performance at Artomatic 419! on April 2, 2011, in Toledo, Ohio. Mixed live using 3 VCRs and Dirty Video Mixer+.

Re-shot digitally with Canon FS200; adjusted shutter speed/exposure for refresh rate of cathode ray tube display. Attempts to convert VHS footage with analog-to-digital encoder box (Canopus) and DVR recorder – and re-shoot playback thru LCD monitor/projector – failed to capture/process all video noise/distortion.


Artomatic 419! (Pics)


Shared by Flash Toledo:

Artomatic 419! (Audio)

Recorded April 2, 2011 at Artomatic 419!, Northwest Ohio’s largest non-juried multimedia arts exhibition.


Solar-powered two-transistor oscillator art installation made from recycled electronic salvage.

Mims (Forrest) Circuit Scrapbook [Fig 1.8 Light-dependent oscillator]:

Dirty Video Sequencer

A 4017 based video sequencer circuit with a transistor at each step to close circuit of one of four composite video input to single composite video output. Also has an RCA input for clock, patched from LFO output of Baby 8 Sequencer.

Installed with a companion Dirty Video Mixer (with low-pass filter) on a Little Helper.

Dirty Video Mixer+

A modified version of Karl Klomp’s Dirty Video Mixer with a low-pass filter to adjust chroma. Installed with a companion 4 channel video sequencer on a Little Helper.

Dirty Video Mixer circuit:

Low-pass filter circuit:


Circuit bent record player. Replaced the needle catridge with an LDR controlled 555 oscillator and plays records retrofitted with LEDs to work as a vactrol-like sequencer.